Using shoelaces to determine excess body mass (BMI)

shoeI noticed this phenomenon about ten or fifteen years ago.  Overweight people tend to tie their shoelaces on the inner edge of their shoes instead of the middle.  I bet you looked just then, didn’t you?  Some overweight people tie theirs on the outer edge and I still haven’t figured out the reason why but, the inner edge is definitely more common.

From careful observation, I notice that when I bend over my flesh gets in the way so I have to part my legs in order to tie my shoes.   My foot bends to the outer edge and the resultant knot is on the inside.  If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to survey skinny people and see how many tie their laces smack in the middle of their shoe.  Almost all do unless there is something seriously wrong with them.

I’ll bet one could mathematically figure out the degree of overweight in a person by how far away from the middle their shoes are tied. Imagine being able to determine body mass index by something as simple as, ” My shoelaces are tied all the way to the inside so my BMI is 50%.”  I may add this to puzzle to my “to do” list.

The next time when you are in a restaurant or a doctor’s office check out where people tie their shoes.  You will be surprised to find verification of my observation.  If not, please, let me know.