Barking dogs and inconsiderate neighbors

Dog-barking-My 39-apartment building seems to be divided into three types of people:  the nosy gossips who rush outside at the flashing lights of an ambulance to see who is being taken out,  the inconsiderate ones who accuse you of bullying them when you ask them politely not to blow cigarette smoke into your apartment, and last, but not least, those who stay to themselves.  I prefer the company of the ones who stay to themselves but the problem is, they hurriedly rush by, not making eye contact with anyone on their way out the door.  How can you even strike up a conversation when you are deemed invisible? Continue reading


Be kind to your kidneys

3DScience_urinary_posterior_viewTo be honest I thought I was invincible when I was younger.  I almost never caught a cold or got the flu.  I loved to hike and when I developed degenerative arthritis in my lower spine I was determined to still walk in the woods.  I discovered that taking Ibuprofen really helped the pain.  I took four sometimes as many as six Ibuprofen a day and it worked.  I solo-hiked 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 1995, thanks to the over-the-counter inflammatory.

I also had acid reflux and starting taking omeprazole, 20 mg, twice a day. Hooray. I thought I had conquered both irritating physical abnormalities. Continue reading

Speaking up or staying silent?

I live in low-income elderly housing and one-third of the people on my first floor don’t like me.  My crimes?  When the guy two doors down the hall had loud booze parties for 3 – 4 hours a day starting at noon I put up with it for about two months and then politely asked him to please keep his door closed.  You would think I slammed him over his head with a boulder.  Where has courtesy and consideration for one’s neighbor gone?

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