About Me

meI have lived in low-income HUD housing for the elderly for almost four years.   I have a beautiful one-bedroom apartment on the first floor.  I am so grateful to have my rent subsidized by HUD.  I worked most of my life but took time off for each birth of my two children and on top of low-income human service jobs, I would not be able to afford what I have now.

My musings consist of what I continue to learn even at the ripe old age of sixty-six (do I really dislike people or only those who have no consideration for their neighbors?)  Am I really frightened to have a total knee replacement next month when I have advanced kidney disease?  And, last but not least, how the heck can I get back to a place of peace and spirituality when I don’t feel like praying?

I’m sure other topics will pop up from time to time and I will revise this “About” page.

Please feel free to share your thoughts or even to contact me with your reflections. I look forward to hearing from you.