Christmas decorations and bowling balls in July

My neighbor upstairs woke me up at 2:30 AM.  She was banging and crashing around until 3:00 AM.  I had to take a tranquilizer in order to fall back asleep.  Over the weekend she was hammering on Saturday and Sunday for about four hours each day.  It sounds like she was laying down a new floor except, it can’t be as this would be the third or fourth new floor she has installed.  Besides, we are renters and not allowed to install our own flooring. Perhaps she is building an Ark, like Noah?

The noises she makes are amazing.  Sometimes I just sit and try to imagine what she is doing upstairs.  There is the noise that sounds like she is lifting one end of a sofa up three feet off the floor and letting it drop.  Then there is the noise like a giant bowling ball rolling back and forth along the ceiling. Rrrrrrrooolll, boooom. Rrrrrooool, booom., except you, never hear pins dropping or a strike. The one I am the most confused about is the one that sounds like a huge, plastic Christmas decoration falling off a tree. It will startle the false teeth right out of your mouth and of course, your dog will begin to bark. The bowling ball and Christmas decoration sounds are usually done at suppertime or during the day, as is the constant hammering.  The sofa crashing is the one that causes my windows to vibrate and wakes me and my dog up from a sound sleep.

If I knew how to write a sitcom I would except no one would believe it.  Is this truly how all people in low-income, HUD housing live?  I wouldn’t know–this is my first experience.  One would expect more courtesy and consideration from older folks but apparently, that is an unreasonable expectation.






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