Unconfusing the computer

lady-on-computer-cartoonI am addicted to the computer.  I admit it.  There is something fascinating about being able to find answers to life’s deepest questions in the blink of an eye.

I never took a computer class but am proud to say I can do simple repairs on computers (like replacing a laptop keyboard after one has spilled wine on it), taking out hard drives and installing new ones and adding ram.  If I had my life to live over again I would have majored in computer science instead of psychology. 

My method of learning is by trial and error.  I try something and almost always make a mistake then I try, try, try again.  The real reason I took to repairing my own computer is that I’m so hard on them I couldn’t possibly afford what it would cost for repairs.

I have two desktops and a Lenovo Mini waiting at the bottom of my closet to be repaired and I will get to them soon.  I even have my own computer “toolkit” complete with a spudger (a tool to pry up wine-soaked keyboards) and an electric shock bracelet I’ve never worn. Apparently, one is supposed to wear this thing on one’s wrist to prevent sparks from disturbing delicate computer innards.  I don’t have rugs so why wear it? (Sliding across rugs = sparks.)

Now that I’m retired my life is full.  How did I ever get things done before?  I make my own dog food (for my dog),  I research interesting topics (sewn pockets) watch my favorite shows on Netflix and try to meditate more than ten minutes a day.

Life is good.




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